PICKit 3 Debug Express

It’s been more than 7 years since I built my serial PIC programmer for PIC16/18 uC based on the JMD Programmer, but now I need to work with new microcontroller families like PIC10/12/24/32 so I decided to buy the PICKit 3 for programming and debugging those uC.

It’s been almost three weeks since I received my PICKit3 Debug Express by FedEx, it arrived very fast (2 days) and it came with:

  • PICKit 3 Programmer/Debugger (Obviously :P)
  • USB Cable (Very long)
  • A Poster with pin-out information, etc.
  • 44-Pin PIC18F45K20 Demo Board
    • ICSP pins
    • 1x Switch (RB0/INT0)
    • 8x Red leds (PORTD)
    • 1x Potentiometer (RA0/AN0)
    • Small area for prototyping

The PIC18F45K20 Demo Board came free because in the month of June if you bought the debug express version microchip gave you 60% off, so from 69.99 USD in the end I only paid 42.00 USD + shipping, it’s almost the same price than buying the PK3 alone.

Even though the Demo Board is very simple it helped me a lot to learn how to program and debug my code using the PK3. Also I did all the lessons but they are for C18 compiler only so I had to migrate them to XC8 (If someone wants them ask me in the comment section or by email).

The lessons were:

  1. Hello LED
  2. Blink LED
  3. Rotate LED
  4. Switch Input
  5. Timer0
  6. Using PK3
  7. ADC
  8. Interrupts
  9. Internal Oscillator
  10. EEPROM
  11. Program Memory
  12. PWM

Well that’s all for today, happy programming and until next time.