Sueño, Pasión, Saber, Querer y Poder

Fluye Con Tu Meta (Flow With The Goal)

Debido a un problema que tuve con las metas que establecí, mi esposa decidido ayudarme realizando un diagrama de flujo con el seguimiento que se le debe dar.

Este diagrama me ayudo mucho a restablecer este orden y a no rendirme con las metas que establecí. Decidí publicarlo, espero y le sirva a alguien más.

What Life am I Creating Today?

Este post me gustó mucho porque nos recuerda la importancia de motivarnos día a día.

Organized Journal

For several weeks now I’ve been insanely immersed in this website called The Daily Love, thanks to my cousin A for introducing me to it, I have found in certain way a path to dig into my own deep feelings and find the inspiration for writing that has been hiding for the past months. I have been meaning to write about it, but somehow the moment did not seem right for me.

Until I read today’s subject “What Life are you Creating Today?” The truth is, it hit me straight to my nerves. Even though I’ve been trying to live a productive kind of life outside my work life, ever since I graduated from college I think I have not been that successful. The truth is that trying to accomplish all my goals has overwhelmed me without even starting. But this is not me complaining, it’s me starting cold turkey.

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Crea Metas Inteligentes (S.M.A.R.T. Goals)

En muchas ocasiones se puede tener la motivación para lograr una meta u objetivo, incluso realizamos actividades para alcanzarla y aun así no lo logramos por falta de planificación.

Existen varios modelos para diseñar metas, una de ella es “S.M.A.R.T. Goals” y para mi es el mejor modelo.

El objetivo principal de este modelo es planificar una meta u objetivo para que sea más fácil de alcanzar. Es muy utilizado para la realización de proyectos tanto personales como profesionales.

La palabra S.M.A.R.T está compuesta por cinco palabras las cuales pueden significar diferentes cosas en base a su entorno.

S          –>      Specific, Significant, Stretching.

M        –>      Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational.

A        –>      Attainable, Action-oriented, Agreed upon, Achievable, Acceptable.

R         –>      Realistic, Relevant, Reasonable, Rewarding, Results-oriented.

T          –>     Timely, Time-based, Tangible, Trackable.

A continuación daré una pequeña explicación sobre los términos más utilizados acompañado de un ejempo.
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Bobbi Brown’s Basic Life Rules

The other day, my girlfriend was reading a book and she started talking to me about some life rules that were included in it. These are from makeup artist Bobbi Brown, thanks to these rules she was able to achieve a successful life.

So, I tough it was worth the chance of writing about them. Enjoy!

Bobbi says:
“Nothing looks better than a big smile. Everyone has ups and downs, but it’s important to stay focused on what makes you feel good. These rules have never failed.”
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Protocolo de la Ventana Corrediza (Sliding Window)

Liderazgo y Empowerment