About me

Hello my name is Omar also know in the network as “Dragoon”, I’m Engineer in Digital Systems and Communications.

Things I like are:
Computer science, programming, networking, electronics, digital electronics and embedded systems.

Others things I like are:
Read, listen to music, watch movies and watch anime.

The purpose of this blog is to share experiences, knowledge and views on various topics.

To contact me just send me an email to: proprojects11@hotmail.com

Summary of Knowledge:

  • Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 9X / NT / 2K / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
  • Programming Languages: ANSI C, C++, Visual C#, Assembler, LabVIEW
  • Software Architectures: Object Oriented, Super Loop, Multi-States Machine, sEOS
  • Software: MPLAB IDE / X, Keil C51, Proteus VSM, Multisim, CS Eagle, MS Office, MS Visio
  • MCU Families: Microchip PIC10 / PIC12 / PIC16 / PIC18, Atmel 8051
  • Protocols: RS-232, I2C, SPI, USB, IR RC5 / RC6
  • Electronic Equipment: Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Funct. Gen., Multi-meter, Power Sup., Soldering Iron
  • Basic Knowledge in: Java, VHDL, Linux
  • Languages: Spanish 100%, English 80%


Which I’m reading:

  • David Allen, Getting Things Done
  • Michael J. Pont, Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems

Which I read:

  • Michael J. Pont, Embedded C, 2014
  • Michael Barr, Embedded C Coding Standard (Netrino), 2013
  • Myke Predko, 123 Pic Microcontroller Experiments For The Evil Genius, 2013
  • Brian W. Kernighan & Dennis M. Ritchie, The ANSI C Programming Languague, 2012
  • Carlson Richard, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff at Work, 2012
  • Carlson Richard, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff, 2012
  • Simon David, An Embedded Software Primer, 2010
  • Palacios Enrique, Microcontrolador PIC18F84 Desarrollo de Proyectos, 2006
  • Coelho Paulo, El Demonio y la Señorita Prym
  • García Márquez Gabriel, Relato de un Náufrago
  • Sánchez Carlos Cuauhtémoc, Juventud en Éxtasis
  • Sánchez Carlos Cuauhtémoc, La Fuerza de Sheccid
  • Sánchez Carlos Cuauhtémoc, Volando Sobre el Pantano
  • Sánchez Carlos Cuauhtémoc, Dirigentes del Mundo Futuro

Goals / Dreams / Bucket List:

Pending of Achieving:

  • Speak and write English at 95%.
  • Write a book.
  • Travel to Japan, Spain, France and Italy.
  • Start a business.


  • Finish my bachelor degree in Digital Systems and Communications.
  • Work as engineer on embedded systems (firmware programmer) in some important company.
  • Write tutorials.
  • Improve my English.

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