HP G62 Fan Fix / Replace


I decided to make this tutorial because a request on my YouTube channel.


The aim of this short tutorial is to explain how to fix or change the fan of an HP G62-367DX laptop.

How to remove the fan from the heat sink?

  1. First, be careful that the rubber that dissipates the video chip doesn’t get dirty, twist or break. If it gets damaged you will have to buy all the heat sink, unless someone sells it alone of course.
  2. Before releasing the fan you should check if there’s tape at the junction of the fan and the heat sink, if there’s any it must be removed.
  3. To detach the fan from the heat sink you only have to remove four small screws with a cross screwdriver, at this point you can fix or replace it.

How to repair if a blade / propeller is broke?

If the fan makes noise because one blade is broken, removing the blade is not enough because the fan is unbalanced. To balance it, first loose the fan from the heat sink and follow these next steps.

  1. First cut the broken blade from the root with fine cutting pliers, be careful not to break another blade with the cutting pliers in the process.
  2. Then cut the opposed blade of the broken one in the same way as step 4. The fan should be balanced and should not make noise (test it before assembling the entire unit again), but if this doesn’t fix the problem you will need to buy a new fan or all the heat sink.

If you decide to buy the heat sink with fan you must be sure is the same part number, in this case the part number’s 606609-001 (HP G62-367DX), but there is another models in the G62 family that uses the same heat sink.


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